Hey lovely people. I hope your month started on a good note.

By the way, today I’m typing using WordPress on my Techno Boom J8 phone. I hope this works out well.

The first quarter of the year is fast coming to an end. So how far are you on your goals? I’m not here to ask you about your goals but rather to let you know more about me a little. This should be fun. You can try on your own and see if you know/ understand yourself.

What inspires me?

My love for solving problems inspire me to wake up every day to work. I love the feeling when I am able to help someone and that makes me want to do more of that. I long for a better life so I am inspired to get up and grind because that better life won’t get here by itself.

A problem I have recently had.

Well, this is a tough one since I can’t tell it as it is here. But it was a work related problem . let’s just say that Shit happens. And I learnt a lesson. Always be vigilant.

5 guilty pleasures.

Having four slices of bread for dinner.

Eating chapati daily.

Sleeping on naked matress. No sheets. I am usually too lazy to spread my bed sometimes.

Taking coffee at night then struggling to find sleep.

Snoozing my alarm daily.

Watching movies on my laptop while tucked in bed .

A product I use daily.

Colgate toothpaste.

My style.

I dress for comfort. If I do not feel comfortable or cute when I’m wearing it, then I’m not going out of the house with it.

Look at this months challenge.

My challenge this month is to get back to shape. I feel so bloated and I have not been to the gym since the year began, so it’s going to be a challenge to get back to fitness.

A day in my life.

A typical day in my life would be; Wake up at 6.00am, snooze alarm for about 5 minutes, wake up, recite the lords prayer,brush my teeth,take a shower , dress up, go to work, leave work,commute back home, prepare dinner while watching E or Maisha magic East Africa, have dinner, go to bed with a book and phone. Read, then browse till sleep takes over..( Boring.. I know.)

Favorite childhood memories.

In Primary school I participated in poems and music festivals so I always looked forward to making trips to various schools /districts perform. Second term was always my favorite school term.

What I need to let go of.

I need to let go of my insecurities of not feeling enough sometimes. I need to feel enough. To believe in myself even in the midst of trouble. I need to stop procrastinating and just do it. If I just started doing it, I would probably be way ahead. I need to stop fearing the unknown and only worry about things I can change or control.

What brings me genuine joy.

Playing with toddlers. I love playing and spending time with my niece and nephews who are all under 2 years. Listening to good music.Expressing my thoughts like I am doing now brings me joy.

More questions to follow soon. What are your thoughts?

Sending you love and light.

Have a very blessed March.