Hello lovely people. Its February! The month of love. Started ticking off your 2019 bucket list? well, me neither. we still have time. hehehe

Making: A vision board. I completed making an online vision board and now i am making  a physical one. I am still looking for pictures to put together.

Cooking:  Kales mixed with milk and grounded nuts with ugali.. so yummy.

Drinking: Green tea mixed with chia seeds.

Reading: Just finished reading Never Kiss your best friend by Sumrit Shahi. I am taking a break before i take another book. I completed reading Becoming by Michelle Obama too.

My next read will be ‘ Dear Woman’ by Michael Reid.

Wanting: A new hair style already. Yes.. I plan to get one tomorrow, Or just keep it natural.

Looking: At the screen, monitoring something. Work flow.

Marvelling: At at the power of starting/beginning. Do you have projects, just start…the rest will flow. It is easier to get it done when you start doing it even when you are not sure of finances or the outcome. You will never know how it could be or if you would have achieved it if you don’t start.

Playing: Bend it by Maleek on replay mode.

Deciding: Not to eat wheat this month. so help me God.

Enjoying: Life to the fullest.

Liking: The plays by Liquid art. I watched their play last Saturday and i still cant get over it. It was awesome! I guess my new pass time activity will be watching stage plays.

Wishing: I could just see a sign to show me which direction to take.

Waiting:  To see if it turns out positive o negative.

Wondering:  Whether this gamble is worth it.

Loving: The way this year took off. I  have made so many good memories already.

Pondering: About success. At what point does one tell themselves that they are successful? When we achieve goals, we create other goals, so where is the end line? should there be an end ?

Considering: Buying gift items for loved ones. I have a list of people i ought to gift.

Buying: Beddings .

Watching: Wombs of sorrow by Victoria Rubadiri and i am awed at the resilience of these victims.

Cringing: At the thought of making a very wrong decision. I probably need to take time and let things unfold on their own.

Needing: An accountability partner. Someone to help me work out because on my own i tend to procrastinate.

Questioning: What would make someone decide to be  a terrorist? Whats in the mind of a terrorist? Who is likely to be a terrorist and what should we do as a society to ensure that our youths are not radicalized!! We need to have these conversations.

Smelling:Mushroom pizza

Wearing: Blue jeans, white t shirt and black sneakers.

Following: The Chantelle Petit story on youtube. I am mad,angry and disappointed at Coptic hospital. Women should not have to go through that kind of agony while bringing forth life. I wish her and her child good health and a quick recovery.

Worrying: about the safety of citizens in this country. Its a worrying trend, that when one is reported missing, they are found dead.

Noticing:That my skin is behaving nowadays. Its Glowing i no longer feel the need to apply make up.

Knowing: That everything happens for a reason.

Thinking:  That we do not know how strong we are until the only option we have is to be strong. So be strong. This too shall pass.

Admiring: Women and men who have overcome adversities and came out stronger inspiring the rest of us that we too can overcome.

Feeling: Excited!! My nephew JJ took his first steps.

Sorting : My life. This may be the year that i may make life changing decisions. Adulting is hard.

Getting: My eyebrows done in the course of the week. I always thread it.

Disliking: Dust. There is too much dust around. The house never feels clean anymore. Laundry feels like a bad ideas because airing clothes only gets them dirty because…dust.

Opening: Sprite.

Giggling: At these weird videos on my phone.

Hearing: The sound of the AC

Coveting:  My kid sister Joy. Her body is goals.Her fashion sense goals, and she is juggling school and volunteer work. I admire her.

Whats your taking stock for this month? You can use my list to create your own taking stock.

Sending you lots of love and positive vibes.

Have a happy valentines day.

Remember to share love to everyone around you.