Drinking; lots and lots of water

Eating; Nothing at the moment.

Reading; When breathe becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. The author has used alot of medical jargon and I already feel like a doctor even though i am just on the 22nd page. Haha.

Feeling; Super awesome. I feel so at peace with my self right now.

Celebrating; The newest addition in my family. Guys, I am an Aunt again!

Wearing; A black tee shirt  and grey pants.

Smelling; I have no idea! But I do smell good i swear.

Watching; The Handmaids tale. I really hope this story is not someones reality!

Last song I listened to; African lover by Nadia. It’s always on repeat/ Replay  mode.

Thankful ; for my friends. My friends really came through for me this month. You guys are just awesome.

Dreaming; of brighter days..

Hoping; these dandruff on my scalp will just disappear.  How do I do away with dandruff like forever?

Grateful; that I had a relaxing and amazing holiday.

Learning; How to take care of an infant from my kid sister. Ooh my, all I do is stare at my nephew. And  i can now comfortably hold a baby ,put them to bed and bathe them. Yaay! I am so proud of myself.

Needing; more time to reflect.

Noticing; How happy and calm I have been lately.

loving; The braids on my hair. Neatly done by a Maasai man in Mombasa. You will find him at Buxton , Mombasa.  Braiding lasted less than 2 and a half hours. I also got to learn alot from them about their culture. I hope hakukuwa Maasai mwitu. He he he!

Considering; Going on a solo vacation.

Wanting; To go back to the gym but I keep on  procrastinating. I stopped going to the gym after i fell ill two months ago and i have not been back ever since.

Looking forward to; December Holidays, I have no idea why.

Buying; Only what I need. I am saying no to impulse buying because i got no money to impulse buy anyway. Hehehe.  But i wouldn’t mind a sexy pair of shoes.

Taking; a lot of photos. Like a whole lot of them.Photos of myself.

Marveling; At the miracle of life;Miracle of infants. Like how a new-born can drink milk from a cup and not be choked. Isn’t that a miracle? Or what is ?

Knowing; that Gods got me.

Thinking; how lucky I am to have a wonderful family, awesome friends and cool colleagues.  I feel so lucky.

Questioning; the value of life, if life is really worth examining  and why we need to examine life.

Sending you love and light.