‘Gratitude’ derives from the Latin gratia, which, depending on the context, translates either as ‘grace’, ‘graciousness’, or ‘gratefulness’. It’s a feeling for appreciation for what we already have.

Gratitude opens our eyes to the miracle that is life, something to marvel at, revel in, and celebrate, rather than forget, ignore, or take for granted as it flies us by. It encourages us to joy, tranquility, awareness, enthusiasm, and empathy, while removing us from anxiety, sadness, loneliness, regret, and envy, with which it is fundamentally incompatible.

Here’s a list of things I am grateful for;


My family is everything to me. I am always grateful for my family as I do not take for granted their existence. I wouldn’t be where i am not were it not for my family. Family never forsakes.

Family Members

I am grateful for my nephews and nieces, that I live to see my siblings have kids. I have learnt a lot from my nephews and nieces. I have felt love and learnt alot about love from a child’s perspective. I have had a mind shift all thanks to my nephews and niece. I can’t wait to see them grow and be what God intended them to be. So, here’s to more nephews and nieces, and also to my own kids in the near future.

My job

I always look forward to going to work because I have amazing colleagues and because i love what i do. I know i was cut out to do this. Growing up, i always wanted to work in media and communications and i have always loved being part of this team. And then, i get to pay my bills and live a descent life all thanks to my job.


This is one year that I have received so many gifts from friends. Right now as i am writing, i just received ‘mabuyu’. what’s its English name?


Among the bests gifts I received was being treated out by a friend in Eldoret. Man, i had a lot of fun. I am grateful to everyone whose gifted me this year. You made me feel special and valued.

A Book I learnt from.

I get to learn a lot about life through the books I read. I get to travel the world, learn about different cultures, experience grief and joy through books.

I am especially grateful for reading Left to tell by immacullee . The Author is a genocide survivor who lost her family and all possessions during the holocaust. She learnt to forgive those who wronged her and even helps genocide survivors. I learnt about love, forgiveness, faith,patience and a lot more from the book. Other books I learnt from include Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu, A letter to my daughter by Angelou Maya, On Becoming by Toke Makinwa and The Secret By Rhonda Bryne.



My past

I wouldn’t be where I am right now were it not for my past. My past has made me the strong woman i am right now. The struggles, bitter moments, dump moments, fun and the lessons along the way have made me who i am. I am thankful for my past.


This should have been the first. Technology has created means for people to interact and share their ideas. The world has become a global village all thanks to technology. We can send and receive money just by a click of a button, video call loved ones through whatsapp video call or Skype, look for jobs online, travel over seas by plane. Isn’t this just amazing?

Things I take for granted

Many times I take it for granted that i am able to wake up, open my eyes, breathe well, get out of bed, drink water,take a shower, have a meal, board a vehicle and reach my destination safely, brush teeth, chatting with friends,siblings,colleagues and even just listening to music. Being alive today is amazing and i am thankful for that.

Opportunities Given

I have been given second chances in life. Life has given me opportunities that have made me reach where I am. I have found favor in the eyes of interviewers, in the eyes of friends and family and given opportunities that have made me grow as a person.


I have the best friends. Friends make life easier and help you experience joy. They also provide a strong support system. When you need someone to talk to, have fun with, lean on a good friend is what you need. All my friends should know that I am grateful for their existence in my life.


This year I have been blessed with good health. My visits to the doctor has reduced and i am healthy most times. I am thankful for good health.


I love nature. Nature is Gods gift to mankind. Nature heals my soul, cures my heart and gives me peace. I have peace when I see nature, feel the breeze , feel rain on my skin,smell the soil when its raining, i love the sea, the smell of the sea, the taste of the salty water, the feel of sand on my feet and palms. When i am stressed like to take a walk and i find solace in walks in the park, sight-seeing. This i will always be grateful for.

Giraffe Center Nature trail,Karen