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Sometime in 2013, while revising for an exam

I was chatting with a friend of mine about how life was back then in campus versus how life is in campus right now.  Its  amazing how far we have come and the lessons we have learnt along the way.

There are a lot of things that happen in Campus. When one joins campus, they are usually 18 years of age or more( In Kenya), some fresh from high school with little knowledge of how to take care of their self and away from the eyes of parents and teachers. Without proper knowledge , one may lose themselves trying to keep up with life in campus. I am sharing some of the lessons I learnt while in Campus and what i learnt after campus as i know this will help someone. The lessons i share may not necessary come from my personal experiences, some come from what i saw other people go through.  We will never live long enough to make all mistakes and learn from them, so its better to learn from the mistakes of others and live to our fullest potential.

campus 2
August 2013, a Comrade asked me to speak at a Luhya Professionals meeting.

Sharing is caring. There is no one single solution for all. Take what you feel works for you and run with it.

I also wish to note that I do not regret  my past in Campus. I loved the experience and also learnt a lot from it.

In no particular order, Here’s what I wish I knew back then;

Cultivate the culture of saving. Learn to save money.  Our daily habits form our behavior, Learning to save early helps us to be financially responsible.

Work during holidays. You can always volunteer to work during holidays. This helps you to get hands on experience on how companies operate. You get to build networks and skill. You can also get your pocket-money from work so you learn to be independent early on. You don’t always have to work in a job that aligns to your area of specialization.

Make good friends. Be careful of the people you let in your life. You need to have friends who look out for you, who help you to be a better person and make you strive to be the best version of yourself. Campus friendships can actually translate into life long friendships and or business partnerships.  Your group of friends can make or break you. And while you make good friends, Be a good friend.

Hanging out with the wrong people can land you into trouble or destroy your life completely.

You will one day own everything you wish to have in Campus. Those fancy clothes, electronics, trips, wine bottles you wish you could afford, you will afford them all so you do not need to find a sponsor, sell drugs , steal or result to prostitution to afford stuff you know you will afford without losing your values. I have everything i wished i had in campus and now it sounds silly to me that i really wished i had some things back then.

You do not need to impress people with things you don’t have. Do not fake your lifestyle, family background, economic status to impress friends. Real friends will not have a problem loving you for who you are.

Have fun.  This is the time to have all the fun. After Campus, things are bound to change. You may spend years  working, looking for jobs and not have time to have fun. Join clubs, go on trips while you can.

Read Books. Expand your knowledge by reading books  other than your course work.

Build networks. This is a time to build networks that will help you when you get out of campus.

Do not try to fit in . Be yourself. When you try to fit in, you tend to lose yourself.

Avoid overindulging.  Too much of alcohol,smoking,clubbing may ruin your life and or health. Learn to balance everything in your life.

Take care of your body and spare yourself of the trouble of having avoidable infections.

You will not die because your heart was broken. Give it time. Time heals all wounds and makes you a better ,wiser and stronger person.  Forgive and move on. Do not revenge, have suicidal thoughts or think you are worthless.  Everything that happens to you is meant to shape you as a person and not destroy you. It is sad to hear young students kill because of love.

Love the course you do. Enjoy what you are learning. You will probably not work in that field. I studied journalism and now  I am a banker who still loves to write.

Campus life does not reflect how your future will be. Life outside campus is different.  You will probably be on your own most of the time trying to make ends meet. Life may not be as simple as it seems in Campus. Your attitude will shape your life.

Excelling in class will not necessarily translate to excelling in life. You are not guaranteed a bright future because you passed exams. You will need more than your A’s to excell in life. You will need to be street smart, know how to network, start by doing menial jobs and have a positive attitude. This is not taught in school. So don’t be surprised when you see some of your classmate’s who did not perform well in class work in fortune 500 companies while you are in between jobs. This is the reality of life. Excell  in class anyway to have an upper hand.

Attend classes, do all assessment tests and sit in for examinations. Some universities require you to attain at least  80% attendance rate for you to sit for an examination. That shouldn’t be too hard for you if you live in school and have no other very serious obligations. Its only four years, or two or six years depending on your course then you will be done. You have an entire life ahead of you to do what you want. If you are working , you can try to balance between work and class. Its easier said than done, but there are people who have done it!

Consume clean food. Vegetable,  proteins and carbs. avoid chips, kuku and soda on a daily basis. It’s not easy to lose weight the older you grow. In campus I had no weight issues, i dint gain weight as fast as i do now. Losing weight also becomes a little harder as you grow older. Besides weight, you can get health issues because of your eating habits.  Whatever you consume now, will show on your body years later.

Keep your head high; speak for yourself, laugh,dress well, choose your battles wisely, discover yourself, explore.

You don’t need to fight to prove a point. You are not weak just because you don’t fight. Many battles don’t require you to get physical. Use your head.

You are in Campus for only a season. Do what is required of you and do it well. Do your best in everything and you will not have regrets.

Seek advice from the right people.

Social media does not reflect Peoples reality.

Stay away from toxic people and toxic friends if you can.

Live for today because life doesn’t follow a script. Life doesn’t always  work out the way we want it to work out.

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Graduation sometime in 2014

What advice would you give to someone in college ?

Share your thoughts.

Sending love and light♥♥♥♥