Body confidence refers to The belief that you are your most beautiful when you are healthy-both in body and mind. A feeling that results when you give up the mission to mold and shape yourself and make a commitment to take care of yourself. Body confidence breeds positive body image–it enables us to see ourselves through a meaningful lens, not a superficial one.

We’ve all had those moments when we didn’t like ourselves very much. We look in the mirror and feel that we are fat or too skinny or we don’t like some parts of our body. We feel that if we had the perfect shape/body, we would be happier or our world would be different. I know because I have experienced that, and I still struggle to like some parts of my body. I  have since learnt that it’s all in my head.  There is no perfection and this  is the beauty of life! Just like when we think that we would be very happy when we are rich, but we do not see wealthy people dance in the streets!

Have you ever met people you thought are in amazing shape but are still dissatisfied with the way they are?   This is a subject that shouldn’t be taken lightly because the way you feel about your body will influence your thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. That’s why we see people starve or result to risky measures to get an ‘ideal’ body. Your body does not define your value.

There is no single way to being or feeling beautiful or sexy. You should love your body regardless of your shape, weight,skin color or height. The media has played a big role in setting beauty standards and this has influenced the way we perceive ourselves and others.  There was a time, only light skin girls made it to be cover models,did it mean that other skin colors were not beautiful enough? I know many people were directly influenced by this because with that came skin creams to bleach or lighten skin so that you could also feel more beautiful. I for a fact have been ridiculed because of being dark skinned. Some friends thought that some of my siblings were more beautiful because they are lighter!!

There shouldn’t be a specific way to be or feel beautiful because we are all different. We were created to be different. Our difference makes us beautiful. Our imperfections make us unique. It sets us apart from the rest,so we should embrace ourselves,  and love ourselves because we are beautiful and amazing just the way we are.

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Here’s my thoughts to how you can build your body confidence.

  1. Know that your value is not measured in body fat. Yes i said that! It’s who we are inside that’s of value. Your personality, wit, strength, talent, ambition, love is what is important.   Your personality and mind can take you places.
  2.  Say nice things about yourself to yourself. Even write about it. It’s okay to post a picture on social media and throw hashtags about how beautiful,strong and amazing you are. Because the truth is, You are. You just have to tell that to yourself often and see how much love you will start having for yourself. Try appreciating yourself everyday and see how that makes you feel.
  3. Embrace your flaws. To me, they are not really flaws but what makes you unique. What makes you, you.
  4. Live a healthy lifestyle. I started feeling so much better about myself when I started embracing a healthy lifestyle. I drink more water, which equals to better looking skin, staying hydrated and feeling better. A day at the gym or a walk to and from the bus stage clears my mind of all negative energy. Some illness are caused by our lifestyle choices,Iknow that because I haven’t been to the hospital in a while ever since I started living a healthy life. Living healthy to me is drinking more water, eating home made food,eating vegetables and fruits, walking often and working out,hanging out with people who bring out the best in me, reading books and taking care of my mind.
  5. Dress your body. Choose clothes that show the best parts of your body.
  6. Take time to pamper yourself. Do a facial makeover, shop for that dress or shoe you’ve always wanted, have a massage,or what will make you feel good about yourself.
  7. Engage in fun activities like dancing. I always feel like a sexy super woman when I dance. You don’t need to care whether you have two left feet, just do it.
  8. Take care of your mental health.
  9. Be clean. Brush your teeth, take a shower, wear clean clothes. You feel ten times more confident when you speak to people knowing you are smelling fresh. If you brush your teeth but somethings not right, you might want to visit your dentist.
  10. Learn not to seek gratification from people. You will be ruined!! Some people have so much negative energy, all they do is make sure everyone around them feels that energy too, so if you are one to seek gratification and you meet these kinds of people, and you will, you will be miserable. Whatever people think about you is none of your business. Learn to separate genuine concern over malice or hate.
  11. Concentrate on parts you love about your body more.
  12. Be kind to yourself.

It is important for me to stress that, we need to appreciate people just the way they are. We should all learn to be kinder and compliment each other more often. While we are busy loving ourselves the way we are, we should also love other people as they are.

We should also stop this habit of finding out why people have gained so much weight or lost weight first thing before we find out how they are! Kenyan tag # ( Si umenona, unakula nini? or Si umekonda, unatuachaa nini…) 

What else do you think you would do to boost your body confidence?

I hope you were inspired.

Sending  love and positive vibes.♥♥♥♥

Keep warm!!

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I do not own rights to this picture.