Hello guys,This is my first taking stock since i started this blog. I wasn’t planning on writing anything today but i had this idea and decided why not.

I am a big fan of This is Ess taking stock by the way.

So, Today being April 1st 2018. I am grateful for this day. I am  working today and since its a slow day i am able to reflect on other things too.

This has been a good year. It started with welcoming my nephew into this world to welcoming my friends babies. I am at that point in life where my close friends are having children and growing families and i am so blessed to experience this with them.

I am looking forward to celebrate baby showers, promotions, weddings and many more   with my friends and family.

Wanting to change my spending behavior. I took a look at things i own and i realized i buy stuff i don’t even need or use. This was a wake up call.

Thinking about what to gift my dad. He recently retired from TSC and i feel i need to appreciate him for working relentlessly to ensure we stayed in school, were well fed , had shelter and most of all, experienced the love of a father.

Deciding:on making smart financial decisions. I read a book called ‘ the Smart Money woman by Arese Ugwu and i was shocked to  learn that i was nowhere near attaining financial freedom.  I learnt a lot from her on how to save, invest and spend. It sounds so cliche but when you read her book , you will get to understand what i am saying.

Appreciating the gift of life and health.

Listening to the preachings of Dr. Prophet Owour live from Nakuru .

Feeling  happy and content.

Liking: Jackline Imbenzis consistency on physical fitness. Oh and she has Abs! I am really trying to be consistent like her by the way. Easier said than done!

Looking:at the world ;  green trees, yellow flowers, purple flowers, pink flowers, butterflies, blue sky, heavy clouds, rain, tall buildings, Mabati houses, beautiful people, hills, rivers, roads,pot holes,matatu culture   and i am amazed at how beautiful this world is. God made it all beautiful!

Fighting to keep wheat away from my mouth.

Waiting: for feedback from someone. I am looking forward to a positive feedback.

Loving my body. Since i bought a long mirror, guess what i have been doing!

Reading “At peace in the Light” by Dannion Brinkley. I wouldn’t usually read this kind of book but there is something with this book that keeps me hooked to it. I got it for a hundred bob in town.

Looking to receiving good news this month

Wishing:I could travel home and be with my family this Easter. I miss my parents, siblings, nephew and niece.

Wearing this African print dress. Its so light and cute. I bought it for a hundred shillings only.malika print

Eating chiken breats, lemon and herb from Galitos.

Drinking green tea with mint from Kericho gold. I am addicted to it. And then there is green tea with Jasmine from Kericho gold, i tried it the other day but ended up mixing with moringa and honey so don’t know how it would feel to drink it alone.

Making some big bold changes. I will tell you about it soon.

Dreading publishing content on my youtube channel. I did publish something and i ended up putting it on private mode. I want to have fun while inspiring someone and im not sure if what i’m doing is the right thing, But i guess i will never know until i start.

Listening to this catholic song a lot. I listen to it daily. This song puts me in the best mood and i love dancing to it. I’m not sure if i love because it takes me back to my days in a catholic Boarding primary school or because of the words, or the music. Ill see if i can put it down here for you too.

Celebrating milestones in my life and in the life of my friends.

Learning more about You tube. I have a Youtube channel and i’ll have more content after i learn a thing or two.

Admiring: Caroline Mutoko. I love the way she speaks, to the way she expresses herself, to her dressing, her mind, her attitude towards life. Damn! i should stop here.

Writing things i am grateful for everyday. If you have nothing to be grateful for, Check your pulse.

Needing a mentor.  I really need one right now.

Considering:Taking a class to learn a musical instrument. I am thinking about taking piano lessons. Is there someone who can teach me free of charge?

Hearing: the door alarm  go off.

Dreaming of  brighter days.

Treating myself with work outs to help me stay fit and be in the best of moods.

Living by the mantra ‘never arrive’. Everyday is a chance for me to learn something new.

Enjoying: spending time alone at work and in the house.

Noticing: how slim i look even though my weight hasn’t changed a bit.

Knowing: that it will happen in Gods’ time. So nimechill.

Thinking:about what to write about next.

Following:my friends Jacky Imbenzi and Elviras work outs  and nutrition to stay motivated.

Disliking: washing utensils .

Wondering: How to overcome this weird behavior i recently got myself into.

Have a fabulous April guys.

I’m sending you lots of love.♥♥♥♥
















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  1. Great! You conned the seller of that dress. Wait! The one in the dress is the one who is valuable, making everything look expensive


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