ME6This was inspired by Facebook.I get my inspirations from everywhere i look.

So here i go, in no particular order.

  1. The scar i have the best story is this here on my navel and below my belly. Story of Gods Love for me.
  2. If i would learn any skill , it would be dancing ballet and Public speaking.
  3. Between the city and country, I’ll always choose the country.
  4. An author whose work changed my life is Rhonda Bryne. Author of the Secret.
  5. My personal hero is my parents.
  6. One goal to accomplish in my life is set up a PR firm.
  7. If i could choose any gift to receive today, id choose heels, 3 to 6 inches.
  8. If i were invisible for a day, i would pole dance.
  9. The best thing about family is that they will always be there for you regardless.
  10. The food I couldn’t ever bring myself to eat is termites(Tsiswa).
  11. The sport I’d choose to be a professional athlete in  is body building. I would love to have muscles instead of fat in my belly and arms.
  12. The best thing to do when the weather is bad is have a beauty sleep or meditate.
  13. The best thing about the internet is connecting with friends.
  14. The most impressive thing I know how to do is serve with one heart.
  15. The cartoons  that I could never get tired of watching is Sofia the first.
  16. The best day of the year is 18th of December.
  17. The life advise I wish i would give to my younger self is be comfortable and happy under my own skin. I am enough just as i am.
  18. The hobby I most enjoy doing is dancing in front of the TV alone, read blogs/books and think.
  19. I’m most grateful for the gift of life.
  20. If I could give my father  an award, it would be for believing in me.
  21. Something I find boring is to say the same thing over and over.
  22. The first thing I notice about other people is their attitude.
  23. Three things I wouldn’t live without; Music, Prayer and Motivation.
  24. My greatest accomplishment is  adopting a positive mindset.
  25. If I could invite anyone over for dinner, I would invite Oprah Winfrey, Gina din Kariuki and Rhonda Bryne.
  26. My greatest passions in life are spreading kindness and positive vibes, living to my fullest potential and empowering people.
  27. Something that always makes me smile; good music and dance.
  28. If i were prime minister for a day i would have anall-inclusive government. Make sure no tribe, race or religion feels left out.
  29. If i had a billion pounds to spend i would probably buy gifts for my parents and siblings then go ahead and spoil myself.
  30. I would love to be an expert in web design, psychology, blogging, writing and dancing.
  31. ME6