I want an amazing life.

To live to my fullest  potential.

To love and be loved.

To enjoy every single day of my life.

To touch lives everyday .

To be the best version of myself.

To travel around the world enjoying nature and all the wonders of the world.

To have a family of my own.( A family of five) .

To love everything i do .

To love my job,to love my children, to love my parents, siblings ,spouse, friends and be loved right back by them.

To spread positive energy everywhere i go.

To be financially independent.

To travel to Hawaii, Dubai, Mauritius, china, Jerusalem, Egypt,Berlin, India e.t.c

To have an adventurous life;sky diving, mountain climbing, rock climbing, skiing, bungee jumping,zip lining and many other things to figure out.

To eat many different types of food.

To learn about different cultures of this world.

To be an symbol of hope.

To be physically fit.

To feel beautiful every day.

To be comfortable with myself.

To be confident with myself every single day of my life.

To achieve greatness.

To live and love life.

To spread peace and love everywhere i go.

To love God .

To discover my true purpose.

To step into my purpose.

To advance in my career.

To enjoy inner peace.