The year is gone by half and its time to analyse myself , see where i am headed to, lessons I’ve learnt and what to be grateful for.

This has been a life changing year for me and most of my family and friends.   I became an Aunt, and i am pretty much excited about it although i haven’t been able to see my niece,  3 of my friends had their babies this year,  one got married, four got new jobs, two got to travel around the world. Change is inevitable.  It can be positive or negative, even uncomfortable. Sometimes it happens when we are least prepared and we have to brace ourselves for change.

At the beginning of this year, i was going through change too. It was uncomfortable. Healing after surgery is no joke. I am grateful for the experience because i got to know more about myself and how strong i can be. I also get to tell my story to inspire people going through pain. So, i’m glad i took this experience positively.

This year i had goals ; I wanted to loose weight, save some money, go to church often, be positive , lead a better life, get a promotion at work or  a new job experience, go back to class and travel to the coast of Kenya and several other destinations.

I  managed to travel to the coast, go to church as often as i can,lead a better life compared to the past year and be happy and positive. I actually wake up and make up my mind to be happy. I am still hoping to accomplish other goals but i wont beat myself up if i don’t get everything i wished for this year.

Lessons learnt

Generally, i think this has been my best year. I got to love myself more and experience solitude on another level. I learnt so much being alone and spending time with myself. It has made me have a voice and know who i really am when in company of friends and even strangers. I am not lost in a crowd and i speak for myself. Not trying seek validation or conforming  to societal whims and friends has been a major change for me. And i love it.  It feels good to just be yourself and not bow down to unnecessary pressure.

I learnt not to derive happiness from material things like my job, my house, my travel destinations e.t.c. I have learnt to be happy simply because i woke up healthy and fine.

I have learnt to evaluate people in my life. It feels awesome to be the CEO of my life. I get to promote, demote and terminate people simply because i can. I have no time for fake friendships.

Having fun and enjoying life has become a part of me. I want the rest of my life to be amazing. I make sure i enjoy everything i do. I enjoy my work, i give it my all. When i hang out i try to have as much fun as i can, responsibly. Taking time to enjoy the fresh air as i walk , feeling the breeze against my skin,listening to music, dancing my heart out even if i have two left feet( who cares), and just loving my life. I want to enjoy each moment of my life.

Keeping a gratitude journal has helped me become a grateful person and see the good in everything and others too. I believe that everything happens for a reason.

I have stopped comparing my life to that of my friends. Comparison is the thief of joy. In this life, everyone has a unique purpose and destination. Some people get to their destinations early while others arrive later. Some people retire at 50 while others start working at 70.( Case study former president of the US ,Barrack Obama and current president of the USA,Donald Trump). We all don’t need to be at the same pace. And because my path is unique i should be able to embrace my life and love it today because that is who i am. What is destined to be mine will be mine eventually. So in the moment, be happy and grateful for i have.

Speaking positive words to my life has impacted me positively. 

When i look in the mirror and i say , i am amazing, i am beautiful, i can do this. I end up feeling amazing, beautiful and be confident.These positive words have greatly improved my self esteem and mood. I tell myself i am beautiful and i end up  feeling  beautiful all day long radiating  positive energy to everyone around me.

Trusting in the unknown.

I enjoy my life because i know that my future lies in the hands of the most high. Everything works for good for those who love the Lord. I don’t know what my future hold for me but i know who holds it and for that i will live for today and worry not about things i have no control over.


I am grateful that i am able to think and type this right now.  I do not take it for granted.

I am grateful for the past half year. It was amazing.

I am grateful for all the friends that made time for me this year .

I am grateful for my family.

I am grateful for everyone i got to work with.

I am grateful for the gift of good health. This year has been my healthiest so far. The favor of God has been upon me .

I am grateful for my readers.

I am grateful for moments that i got to laugh so hard , be happy, excited and joyful.

I am looking forward to another amazing half year full of new experiences, more change, good health, favor upon my life and everyone else’s life.

I hope you enjoy the rest of this year.


Sending love and light .


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