It is impossible to put into words everything I appreciate about you. From who you are as a person, to the person you raised me to be, everything about you is amazing. From day one you have been my support system and my greatest fan.You are a treasure. A gift sent from heaven.

Thank you for all you do for me and family.  Thank you for never giving up on our family. Thank you for not abandoning me as an infant, for loving and protecting my siblings and i. Thank you for feeding me and ensuring that i was in good health. Thank you for making sure that i was comfortable as a kid.

Thank you for denying yourself leisure and sleep to ensure that my siblings and i were well taken care of. Thank you for the thousands of thousands of shillings that you and dad spent on our education. Thank you for tutoring me and following up on my school work to ensure i did well in school.Thank you for making English and Christian Religious Education my all time favorite subjects.

Thank you for making me love to read books.

Thank you for encouraging me to exceed myself. To push myself harder and realise my potential.

You are not only a mother to me and my siblings but a mother to the many relatives  that stayed with us when we were growing up, you are a mother to many pupils who look up to you.

You taught me how to prepare descent meals, clean after my self , be responsible and take care of my siblings. Sometimes i thought that you were too harsh to me, but now i realise that all you ever wished for me was to grow up to be a responsible woman by letting me do chores and take care of my siblings.

You taught me values i hold dear; Self respect, respect to people, honesty, humility, gratitude, patience, kindness, hard work, perseverance, patience and love among many other attributes.

Mother, the greatest gift you gave me is teaching me about God. Telling me about Jesus and making sure that we went to church, prayed and did good deeds. We grew up to be God fearing kids. Thank you for showing me this path.

Thank you for praying for me. Your prayers have worked miracles in my life. Your prayers has made our family stand. Your prayers has drawn us closer to God.

Thank you for always offering me a shoulder to lean on. You know exactly when to scold me, talk to me, advice me, listen to me  and simply wipe away my tears.

Thank you for speaking positive words into my life. Your positive words have impacted positively in my life. I have grown to be a confident woman. I have grown to love my self and not seek validation from people but from my God. Your words have been a blessing in my life. I have learnt to speak positively into my life and other peoples lives too, that you taught me mama.

Thank you for your love and care. You loved me regardless. Whether i came top of my class or performed poorly , Whether i listened to you or not, you still loved me and guided me.

I thank you for encouraging me to love my siblings. Thank you for always making us reach out to each other, pray for each other, support each other and forgive each other . This love that you taught us, has made us stand together in times of trial and in good times too.

Thank you mama.  Asante mama. Orio mno mama.

I bless the almighty for you everyday in my life. I pray that the Lords face shine upon you, that you find favor in His eyes, That you find peace , love and happiness.

I love you mama. May God bless you abundantly.

Happy mothers day Mama.

Your first born daughter, Malika .








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