This was quite the year. I went through a lot of transformation. I had very good times and went through  low moments too. But all in all, the blessings i received this year were more than the set backs. I thank God for coming through for me all the time. As the year began,i had a vision of how i wanted my 2016 to be like. This was what i envisaged for this year;

In 2016

  • I hoped to be healthier, happier and wise.
  • I hoped to land a dream job.
  • I hoped to have more blogging ideas.
  • I hoped to learn a new skill.
  • I hoped to travel around my country and explore new things.
  • I hoped to give back to the society, empower someone or influence someone to be better.

In regard to the above vision, i achieved most of what i wished for.

I landed a much better job.It paid 4 times better than my previous post.

I grew up to be an independent woman. I learnt to make independent decisions. Moved into a new town, rented an apartment, made new friends,broke up with people who no longer made me a better version of myself.

I was healthier, happier and wiser in 2016.

I learnt new skills. I made smoothies,tried to prepare different recipes, learnt a new job which came with learning several new skills.

I did travel around the country and was able to be of help to people, especially in my line of duty.

I bought most stuff that was in my bucket list. I can afford most stuff i only dreamt of having in the past.

My sister graduated and got her first job.

My other sister was admitted to University via JAB. She passed her exams with flying colors.

My other sister finally introduced her boyfriend to the family. I wish them all the best.( I have three sisters).

My friend is getting married and we had so much fun at her bridal shower.

I met my cousins for the first time and we became friends.

I made new friends and met old friends.

I attended many baby showers. Many of my friends were blessed with children this year. I’m excited to see what next year holds.

I have seen friends grow in their career, family and love life and i was happy to share all those moments with them.

Lows of 2016.

I lost my loved ones. My uncle Moses. May his soul rip.

I got an ectopic pregnancy and had to undergo surgery. This was one hell of an experience.

I lost friends.

I was disappointed  and heartbroken. Time heals all wounds.

Lessons learnt in 2016

One major lesson i learnt is that family will always be there for you regardless. They stood by me during my difficult times, caring for me, loving me, praying for me, praying with me, consoling me, advising me and just being there even when they did not know what to do to make me feel better. I am grateful for my family.

It is important to know who your friends are. Not everyone who parties with you, chats with with is your friends. Hard times reveal people’s true colors.

God is the only constant. There are situations you go through that only God comes through for you. Jesus should come first in your life.  I have learnt to trust in God and place my life in His hands. He has loved me regardless.

So, here is how 2016 was for me.

  1. What made me feel most alive this year?

I felt most alive when i decided to give back. I happy when i am in a position to help someone.

2.How did you surprise yourself in 2016?

I  got out of my comfort zone and starting doing stuff i wouldn’t normally do.

3.What did you do this year that you regret?

I really have no regrets as i get to learn.

4.Which friends have been there for you most in 2016?

My bro Ken  and sister Joy have been there for me. They had to take care of me after surgery and they did a pretty good job. My parents and other siblings were not left behind either, their financial help, consolation, prayers and love has worked miracles in my life.

Josphine my former colleague, she has a  kind heart and always ready to help.

My uncle and his family in Kiboswa, My cousin Bertha and her siblings- always helped me carry water in Kiboswa.

Rose Chonge my former colleague for all the advices, Winnie Meja, my campus class mate, former house mate, i always think of her when i want to vent.

Collins Wabwire, the best buddy ever. the list goes on and on…

5.What was the best book you read in 2016?

This year  i had the privilege of reading many books. Most of them were personal development/empowerment books. My reading was made easier thanks to my dad who always supplied books to me. I especially loved reading ‘ The purpose driven life by Rick Warren, ‘The monk who sold his ferrari and the Happiness Advantage. Other books that inspired me are;Power of the pussy, thanks to mitchelle for sending me this beautiful piece, Who moved my cheese thanks to Nkatha. Every woman needs a friend who will give her a book to read or recommend a book to read.

6.How would you describe your personal style over the past year?

Very simple. I dress the way i feel. And since i have been working, i have been trying to get out of my campus habits and acting/dressing more mature.

7.Did you fall you fall in love this year?


8.What did you spend less time doing in 2016?

Watching movies indoors. I want to be able to go out and explore.

9.Who did you miss the most over the past year.

Some of my closest friends in campus. We just grew apart. I wish we could still be close but life happens and i cant be the one always checking up on people. I hope we will meet one day and rekindle our friendship.

10.What is the biggest risk you took in 2016?

Relocating to a new town .

12.What was the most valuable thing you spent money on this year?

Household items. I needed to feel at home in my house.

13. What’s the most important thing you learned this year?

I learnt that everything happens at its own time, so its important to be patient.

I should strive to be the best version of my self and never to compare myself to other people.

I learnt that God has plans for everyone.

Achieving goals may not necessarily make you content and happy. The more you get, the more you want. So, it is important to strive to be happy, healthy and have peace of mind. The rest will fall into place.

Being grateful makes you a happy person.

You receive more by being grateful for what you already have.

What i hope for in 2017.

In 2017 i hope to be a much better person than i was in 2016. I want to improve in character, attitude towards life, charisma, personality and in my general well being.

I hope to have genuine friendships and be genuine to my friends too and to myself.

I want to have a work and life balance. To be able to enjoy my work and social life.

I look forward to learning a new skill, getting more papers and even advancement in career.

I look forward to loving myself more, getting fit and being more comfortable in my own skin.

I hope to enjoy life, travel the world, laugh, love, live out.

I want to be a blessing to other people in 2017.

I want my friends and family to be happy and achieve their dreams.

I hope that there will be peace during next years election.

I hope to progress in my career and develop more as i person.

As you wind up your new year, I pray that you find favor in the Lord as you Begin your new year. That you receive an abudance of health, peace, joy  and favor.

Be grateful for each day.

Write a gratitude journal every day and by the end of the year you will see how good your year had been.Also write down what you wish for in 2017 and believe that you shall receive. Believing is the first step to receiving.

I wish you a very prosperous 2017. Remember to make peace.

Lots of Love.

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