Visualising your future helps to make it come true. So, today being, 19/7/2016 I hope that I will get to experience all of what I visualise in five years. I hope this letter will serve as a reminder of where I want to be and the person I want to become.

I encourage you to write a letter to your future self. Date it a year even 5 years from now and then write it as if the year has gone exactly as you want it to.

leave your logic behind and Go wild. lets see what happens a year later.

Have you ever written a letter to your future self? how did it turn out?

Marion Malika

P.O BOX  1087-50100 Kakamega



Dear Mum,

I trust that you are fine. I trust everyone is fine too.
I am happy and grateful that I woke up healthy and happy.
I am physically and mentally fit. I am happy and healthy. I can’t thank God enough for his overflowing blessing to us. We are all fine too. Just missing you all. Your grand daughter   already started walking. We were so excited when she made her first step.We are planning to enroll your grand son in school.I hope we will not have trouble waking him up in the morning. Your son in law is also fine. He is planning to visit you and dad this Saturday.

I have learnt to balance between my family and career.I have been travelling a lot. I get to experience new stuff while travelling. I hope that you will be joining me in my next trip. By the way, my communications company is doing well. We recently hired more staff. They are great at what they do. We are also doing well at the stock markets.

Next week, I will be coming home to talk to students in the village. I am looking forward to inspiring someone. We  may sponsor some students to study so that they also can achieve their dreams.

I still am passionate about blogging. Every day I get new and exciting ideas to blog about. I even have a team that helps me out with my blog. Our readers are happy with what we do. Most of them say that they have learnt to live fulfilling lives just by reading my blog. I also feel that I have lived fully. You know, having a great family, a great career, travelling around the world and touching peoples lives positively is all that I am about.

I am actually grateful to you  and dad for having taught me the power of prayer, persistence, hard work, working smart and humility. I  feel so proud to have you all in my life.

By the way, I am almost done with my thesis. I will be graduating before the end of this year. I already have made plans to bring you and dad to my graduation.I know you are proud of me given that you really wanted me to have a Masters Degree.

Ken spoke of a family reunion. I wonder what he has in store for us. I am sure we will have fun. We are all planning to come to the reunion. I spoke to Camelyn, Edel and Joy last night and they are looking forward to spending time with you and baba.

You remember always telling me to go to church and I wondering why i always had to do that? Well, I have seen the need. My children never miss Sunday school. I want them to grow up knowing God. All the good virtues you instilled in me will be instilled in them too. I have learnt to be grateful for everything. Dad says that one can’t achieve anything with a negative mind. I have cultivated the culture of positive thinking and guess what, it works! With a positive mind, we can achieve anything. I don’t let things or situations put me down and I have learnt to rely on my gut feeling where I am not certain. I have also learnt to listen more instead of talking.

I really appreciate dad always telling me to save every penny I get. I have seen the importance. I no longer have to worry about my finances,my children’s future or where my next meal will come from.

I am really proud of the woman I have become.  I have never stopped praying for all of you.  Send my regards to Kukhu . I will visit her when I come to town.

Warm regards,

Malika Marion





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