I am happy and grateful now that this week is coming to an end. It’s been quite a tough week for me. I have been sitting in for my colleague, performing his duties while performing mine as well. I am not complaining though. This has been an opportunity for me to learn more skills . I believe that knowing the responsibilities of your colleagues helps you understand what they do and even help out when they are away. It helps you grow both in career and as a person.

Sometimes, work is not fun due to pressure that it comes with. I realize that this pressure can cause stress when not dealt with properly. Sometimes i would just get frustrated when things don’t go my way at work. I would call my dad in the evening and tell him how bad my day was. He always tells me to develop a thick skin. My friend Tom tells me that too.

So today i have been thinking, its just not about the pressure, it is about the way i choose to behave while under pressure or how i behave when under stress.

So, for your sake and my own, here’s how to handle work stress;

Take care of your self.

You cannot take care of your responsibilities when you can’t take care of your self. Learn to pay attention to your  physical and emotional health. You are stronger and more resilient to stress when you are both physically and emotionally healthy.

Create a balance between your work life and social life.

Prioritize tasks while at work.

Every morning, have a plan for the tasks of the day. Know what you are going to do during the course of the day. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Having a plan also enables you to tackle each task in their order of importance hence no rushing to  beat deadlines.

Delegate responsibilities.

Always let your colleagues help you out. If you have tasks that you can delegate please do so. It helps to relieve you as you handle other tasks. It also helps you save on time.

Talk to someone.

When you feel angry or stressed,  it helps to vent by talking to your colleague. An attentive listener will help you relieve stress. Your colleague does not have to provide solutions for you but just be a good listener.

As you work,plan regular breaks. Create time to stretch and  break from one. It helps to rejuvenate and calm the mind.