Sometimes you have to let go of what you have now in order to move forward. To be able to do this, one has to embrace change and uncertainty. As scary as it may feel, the best things come to us when we let go of things that no longer serve us.

By nature, human beings fear change. We like being in our comfort zones. In areas where we are aware of our surroundings and in control of our lives. We hesitate to try new things because we fear the unknown.

I have learnt that to be able to move forward, either career wise, in person, or in relationships, i should be able to embrace change and take up new challenges. New experiences enable me to learn more about myself. It helps me discover my true self,my strengths and weaknesses.

In the past i had difficulty embracing change, but lately, it’s all i want. I have reaped tremendously from new experiences. I have gained knowledge, made new and reliable friends, discovered myself and much more.

To you who fears quitting that job , moving houses, changing careers, moving on from a broken relationship, making new friends and so on, the time is now. Do it. You will not regret. You will learn from this experience and develop into being a better person.

All you need is a change of mindset. Open your mind to new possibilities.  You deserve better. Determination and belief are the strong points for success. Open your mind.

A closed mind seals off creative solutions and eliminates any possibility for new opportunities. It keeps you where you are in life, where you always have been and will continue to be. All you need to do to be on your path to achieving success is to open your mind.