We had just finished our end of first term examinations. Everyone in school had switched off-academically. The holiday mood had set in not forgetting that i had been in school for only two months.

I was both excited and anxious. Excited that i would be joining my family for the April Holidays and anxious to know how I’d performed in my exam. I knew i had flopped that Biology essay. I was not expecting to perform well in physics either.

One thing that excited me most as most of form  was the inter class sports competitions. I had never experienced this before. Julia had recruited us to the football team. We were the new soccer players. I knew it was a matter of time before i quit because i could not keep up with Julia’s speed in the soccer pitch or the hardened feet of students from the neighboring school. Those girls’ feet were as hard as a rock! We wore sneakers but we would always get injuries on our feet after  playing with the girls and they seemed pretty fine playing bare feet.  I am still trying to figure out what they ate to have such tough and strong legs.

It was the schools culture that after the end of term examinations, we have inter class games competitions. I was psyched up for that cheering and playing. Then we were told of History Paper 2.  I was not happy to hear about this. How could one set another History exam  when our minds had switched off from exams! The strange thing about this History paper 2 was that no one was telling us what to study. There were no past papers to revise either. Our house prefects and school mothers told us that it was important we passed our History paper 2. They were even ready to help us excel in that exam.

April 1st 2004 was the day we were to sit for this exam. It was also the day that we were closing school. My friends, fellow house mates and i were ready to sit for this exam and go home. We had blued and ironed our white shirts and maroon skirts. Our socks were sparkling white. We had packed our clothes , thoroughly washed our dormitories and slashed our compounds.

We attended the closing assembly where those who performed well were named and those who performed poorly were shamed. I hated this sessions. By 6pm the closing assembly was over and we were up doing final chores in preparation for the closing day which would be the following day, then we retired to bed.

In the middle of the night i could hear noises from all over. Someone shook me as i lay stiffly in my bed. My house mother asked me to get up and be ready for the History paper 2 exam. She even lend me water and escorted me to the bathroom something she never did before. Our house prefect, told us to hurry. We would be punished if we were late. Terry, Brenda and i rushed to the bathroom.We took a shower in seconds. We were so much in a hurry i even forgot to put on my underwear. I put on my skirt which was so big and a sweater. Some of my friends wore their uniforms neatly. We were instructed to take slashers and brooms with us and run to the town square. To avoid being noticed, we were told to run while bending, our heads down . We did exactly that. It was dark. We ran out of the house, face down up to town square. All this time we thought we were accompanied only to realise that we were all alone.  We were all only  form ones when we arrived at the town square.

Something was amiss.There was blackout in town, we thought. There was no sign of movement in town houses.  We decided to clean the town square as we waited for more instructions. Nothing would delay us from going home early the following day. This went on until someone told us that we had been pranked.

We were so angry, we walked back to our village houses. Back at the village, almost everyone was out. They clapped, screamed and laughed at us. They had  managed to prank us. I was so annoyed. I walked to the house as my house members called us foolish frogs of Amboseli. That was how we were being initiated into Amboseli- the house of frogs. I even forgot that it was April fools day.

Back in the house, other form ones told us how they ran to up school and cleaned the entire area. They got themselves dirty . The clothes they had prepared to use while going home stained because of the cleaning that took place in the dark.

I was amused at myself for letting them prank us. I always thought i was beyond pranking. I laughed at myself. This was a story i would tell people at home.

I swore to do the same to another form one…