In case you are wondering, i am not talking about the Amboseli National Park. I am talking about my dormitory in High school. It was named Amboseli, maybe after the Amboseli National Park.  Amboseli House,commonly known as the house of frogs was was located in the village section of the school. You were initiated into being a frog in Amboseli by the way. At the end of first term, you would hear of History paper 2. This was not a normal History exam. It was an initiation, a right of passage. When you fall for the ‘game’ you become a frog. This initiation is a story for another day. I know you will not understand what I’m talking about unless you visited my school so i will try to explain a little more.

In my High School,we had dormitories on two school sections; in the lower side of the school, popularly known as down school were town houses. There were about   8 dormitories or more. The dormitories had cubicles, each cubicle had two double Decker beds,that means, each cubicle had four students occupying it.  Himalayas house was the biggest dormitory in town while Atlas house had the least occupants. Students who resided in those areas were called townies.

Villagers were students who resided in the Village houses. Our houses were different from town houses. As opposed to cubicles, we had apartments.The house was divided into three sections. The middle section was  where we would meet for prayers and dance. It was also where we did our laundry. The other two sections were adjacent to each other. In Amboseli house, one section had  eight double decker beds. The dormitories were designed in the shape of a hut and the entire area was designed to make it look like an African village setting. We even had a village square! All green grass and trees.


In Amboseli we had a tradition. We were one of the cleanest houses in school. We always came top when it came to cleanliness all thanks to our House mum who happened to be the Deputy Headteacher then, Mrs. Onwong’a- Nush was her nick name.

Every evening after the evening preps we always assembled in the house square to praise and worship, then pray before retiring for the day. We always extended those sessions as we loved to sing and dance and we would do it until we get tired. My aparto mates( apartment mates), Terry, Brenda and Arsue   who also doubled up as my friends loved to sing.

There was this time when the whole school was afraid. My classmates feared going to sleep. There were rumors all over. You know one thing about rumors in Butere Girls during our times, they were always 90% true. ‘Omundu pumps’ or lady stiletto had visited the dormitories in the middle of the night causing fear and anxiety.

I grew up in a christian family, so i still don’t understand anything to do with traditional charms or devil worship. I only believe in praying to God.

‘Omundu pumps’ caused us sleepless nights. We had to walk in groups and even share beds in fear that ‘Omundu pumps’ would visit our house in the wee hours of the night.

I still don’t know if ‘Omundu pumps’ was real or was an imagination. I was never really affected by ‘Omundu Pumps’. I cannot also claim that it was just a hoax or  paranoia because i felt the fear in the air. I was also afraid of walking along the drive alone in the morning while going for my  Morning preps and staying up late in class. All i know is that, the whole school was in fear. People feared sleeping at night. I heard tales from my classmates of how Omundu Pumps visited their dormitories at night and  walked through the narrow corridors  making them shiver with fear.It was so serious that the school called for a mass at the cathedral. The chaplain prayed for the school. We began taking our evening prayer sessions in our classes and dormitories more seriously.  Then there was ‘ Omundu Shieyo” , This one was heard sweeping bathrooms at night!

Hey, have you gone through these ordeals in high school?

Have you experienced or heard stories of devil worship in your school?

Were they true?