Day one in Highschool.

As i walk in the streets of Kisumu City, i see parents with their children carrying boxes. At this time of the year, Form ones are being admitted to High school. I can see a lot of people queuing in shops trying to purchase books and other stuff that their kids might need in school.

This draws me back to 2004, when i joined a prestigious school in Western Kenya. Prestigious in the sense that friends of my mum envied her for taking me to the school. I was going to a school that is of good repute, i was told. It was for only the Best.

If anyone had been to Butere Girls High School back then, you would know that the school came with some kind of Prestige. It was the Alliance of Western Kenya, many would say.

Dad and mum hired a taxi that ferried us to this school. I was full of hope. Imagining how life would be in high school. I looked forward to this new experience.

As the driver drove into the school compound, i noticed that the school compound was so big. I had never been to a place as beautiful as this. The trees along the drive that formed a shade on the sunny day made it magnificent. The monkeys jumping from one tree to another was another glorious experience. I had been told tales of how the monkeys terrorized form dots( Form ones). I was elated.  The atmosphere was so cool,the school so beautiful that i wondered why i was told to carry gumboots to school.

We finally arrived at the administration block, i later learnt to call it down school. We sat under a shade as we waited for my turn to be admitted.

Mum made friends with other parents on the waiting line. In a few hours, we were done with admission. Mum and dad left me to go back home. Dad gave me a 200 shilling note to use as pocket money.How times have changed! Nowadays, kids expect more than a thousand shillings as pocket money. I tied it on my handkerchief as  i bid them bye.

I couldn’t help tears from running down my cheeks. I wasn’t afraid to be left alone.I had been to boarding school in primary and i was used to seeing them off when they came to visit. Tears rolled because i felt helpless being left in the hands of people i did not know. I still fear change to date. I always get butterflies in my stomach when moving to a new place away from home.

When they had left, i realized i had lost the 200 shillings they had given me. A woman who had been watching me despair after the loss of my pocket money introduced me to her daughter and  gave me some cash. I can’t remember how much it was. That is how i became friends with her daughter. After all parents left, we, form ones, waited for our school mothers to come for us. We were told that we would have students assigned to each one of us  to take care of us, showing us around and  making sure we blended well. In that state of confusion i lost my bucket and i could not locate my school mother…butere

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