Its just three days to 2016 and i must say that i can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for me.

I have experienced immense  transformation in my life this year. One year after campus and i feel like a completely different person. I have also experienced a lot of challenges and i thank God , my friends and family for holding me up when i was down. My deepest gratitude goes to my campus friend Daisy Nyandiko  for hosting me when i was hustling in Vihiga.

Since 2015 is almost coming to an end, i have had the joy of experiencing breakthroughs in jobs, inner peace and most of all the love of a family.  I have had my fare share of challenges though.

Let me take you through my review for 2015:

  • I worked at a library in Vihiga . I never imagined myself as a librarian but this job gave me a different perspective towards life and also what the library is all about.I have acquired  skills in Librarianship. I can do accessioning, numbering, shelving e.t.c.
  • I went for an interview at Alphax college- Eldoret .It was quite mind opening. This is a story i will tell to anyone fresh from campus  or in campus.
  • I was shortlisted for an aptitude test at Nation Media. This was  one very challenging test. My advice to anyone going for this kind of test, be up to speed with the current news, this includes celebrities, soccer and political personalities.
  • I  got a job as a Marketing and Public Relations Officer at Double Shasa limited, Kakamega. This to me was a breakthrough. I had something to write about in my CV! The experience i got at Double Shasa broadened my perspective on workplaces.
  • I attended a Sales interview at ECB  and aced the job. I  believe that the confidence i showed while at the interview helped a lot thanks to Marketing at Double Shasa.
  • I started blogging while working at ECB. Blogging has made me a happy person as i get to blog about things i am grateful for.
  • I continued writing my gratitude journal. This has made me happier and more grateful.
  • I went for a cervical cancer screening test.
  • I took interest in my face and bought a moisturizer and toner for the first time.

Best moments in 2015

I   got better at writing my CV. This has been through learning from people who have made it in their career and through sites such as Brighter Monday and LinkedIn

I started saving some money. I have learnt to live within my means.

I read a lot of inspirational books and  content online. This has been an eye opener to me.

I practiced yoga once a week and started doing zumba fitness from my house. This has made me feel good about myself.

I learnt a new skill. This was my major achievement. I had always wished to learn how to drive and when i enrolled myself to a driving school and finally got the license  i was super excited.

I took online courses with YALI( Young African Leaders Initiative). I am always looking for knowledge and YALI provides it free of charge.

My mum graduated with a Bachelors in Early Childhood and scored a Second Class Honors, upper division. She even had better grades than i did. I am so proud of her. Being a mum, taking care of family, working 8 to 5 every day and taking care of the church did not deter her from excelling. She inspires me to be better everyday.


Lowest moments in 2015

I lost close friends and former school mates through breast cancer. This made me realize how  precious life is  and we should learn to thank God every day for the gift of health and life.

I suffered a series of chest pains which left me broke at the first quarter of the year.

A chest x-ray showed that i had mild cardio mengally ,(this is when the x ray shows that your heart has enlarged). This was the lowest point of my life.  However, a further ECG and Echo Cardiograph test did not show cardiomengally. What a relief! One moment you think your life is over and the next moment you thank God for saving your life. I have since recuperated.

I was not paid after working for three months and this left me devastated. This was a lesson well learnt. I will never do a job without signing a contract or having the terms written on paper!

Envisaging 2016

  • In 2016, i hope to be healthier, happier and wise.
  • I hope to land a dream job.
  • I hope to have more blogging ideas. You can send me ideas on what you wish me to blog about in 2016.
  • I hope to learn a new skill.
  • I hope to travel around my country and explore new things.
  • I hope to give back to the society, empower someone or influence someone to be better.

What are you hoping for in 2016?



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