“It is said that we can choose our attitude even though we cannot always choose our circumstances. It is not our disposition  that determines our destiny”.  Your attitude will determine whether you will succeed or fail in your venture. This takes me back to high school where i would score a B+ IN CRE and get an E in mathematics. I believe that if i had developed a positive attitude towards mathematics and Mrs. Tsimango then i would have performed much better. I should have put in more effort in Maths like i did in CRE and Home science.  With the negative attitude, the end result was poor performance.

After reading and watching various documentaries on the secret to success,the power of thought,and inspirational stories i realize that with a positive attitude one can achieve the success they have always dreamt of.  I have been working out a plan to climb the ladder of success. This began back in 2014 after watching a documentary on ” the secret”. My life was stagnant at that time, i was not being invited for interviews, the youth empowerment programme that i was involved in had collapsed and so did most of my dreams. Hopelessness set in, this was not the kind of life i had thought of after graduating.  As i was sitting at the American corner, Kisumu library trying to update my Resume and applying for jobs thanks to the free wifi, a friend pulled out a CD and handed it over to me. watching that CD changed my perspective towards life.  i followed the authors advice;

 i wrote down  a list of the things i was grateful for,

then wrote down a list of the things i wished to achieve and started working towards them.

First on my list was to  get a job, followed by adding weight, live in a better house and be happy. Three months later all these things were granted to me! I have since gained 15kgs and i am now working out on a plan to lose some weight. As i look back at my diary, everything that i wished for actually happened. I am still writing down my list on the things i wish to achieve and praying to God to grant me favor to achieve all this in his own time.

I have developed a positive attitude on everything i do. I may not be where i want to, but i know that step by step i will be where i dream to be.  I have decided to be happy regardless.” being happy doesn’t mean that that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.

I pray that you too decide to have a positive outlook at life. Count your blessings and it will surprise you what God has done.Choose to be positive always.

At my previous work place.Double Shasa Limited.
At my previous work place.Double Shasa Limited.
Photo credits; Alex Namu
Back in Campus. MMUST.

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